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Streets 21.0 eKit for AutoCAD Architecture

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Content Library for AutoCAD Architecture.

  • Imperial Units Only - Based on U.S. Department of Transportation guidelines

  • Draw numerous Streets as Walls Objects; everything from a one lane road to a full boulevard.

  • Street Lights

  • Sidewalks, Curbs, and Planter Strips

  • Building Masses suite has been added with numerous preconfigured building shapes

  • New - Swimming Pools Tool Palette

  • New - Sport Fields

  • Shipping Container Palette

  • Full line-up of Residential Trash Containers (25-96 Gal.)

  • 14 common Regulatory Signs and 4 Speed Limit (R2-1) Signs.

  • Traffic light signal devices, pedestrian call button and crosswalk signal.

  • Parking Stall tools with Callouts and Schedules (Standard, ADA and ADA Van).

  • 11 3D Surface Modeled Trees as MvBlocks with Blocks in three categories: trunk, branches and canopy.

  • Compatible with AutoCAD Architecture 2017 and up Only

  • General Tools eParts Included with Purchase

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Streets 21.0 eKit for AutoCAD Architecture

0 ratings
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